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SANBI Save The Bees PSA

script writing:

the brief 

When tasked with creating a PSA during my BA degree in Creative Brand Communications, my peers and I chose a 'Save The Bees' initiative as the focus of

our project.  

the solution

The concept of the PSA campaign focused on what bees do for humans from a food and biodiversity point of view. Although we think of them as pests to be feared or killed on sight, they actually do so much to sustain human life and we wouldn't have nearly as much food choice as we do without them. 


Art directors: Justine Clyde & Roxanne Schoon 

Save The Bees PSAMultiple
00:00 / 00:30

[A low buzzing noise begins and continues throughout the ad in the background]


VO1: They’re responsible for this


[Insert noise of a child crying loudly]


VO1: and this


[Insert sounds of annoyed grunts and puffs, “go away!”, etc.]


VO1: and this


[Insert surprised scream from a woman]


VO1: and this


[Insert voices saying “Ow!” “Eina!” and other expressions of pain]

VO1: What we often don’t realise is that they’re also responsible for this


[Insert sound of someone saying “Mmmmm!” after taking a bite of tasty food]


VO1: Because they pollinate one third of the world’s food crops, the worst thing a bee could actually do is...


[Buzzing noise that has been carried throughout abruptly stops]


VO1: …not be there.


END VO: Save the bees. Visit to find out how.

Standard Bank Radio: Lucky

script writing:

the brief 

As part of their It Can Be rebranding, Standard Bank wanted to tell inspiring stories of remarkable South Africans overcoming adversity with innovation.

They partnered with Lucky Netshidzati, the inventor of a tech glove that converts sign language to speech, and wanted to tell his story in an uplifting radio ad.

the solution

I crafted the following radio ad to tell Lucky's remarkable story, from growing up with two deaf parents to inventing his groundbreaking glove.

We also had the real Lucky narrate the ad for us. 


Creative director: Markus Botha

Inventor VO_Lucky_Radio PilotStandard Bank
00:00 / 00:49

Lucky's VO:


Growing up isn’t always easy, but growing up in a silent home makes it that much harder.


I spoke with my deaf parents using only Sign Language.


Getting help with homework, fixing things around the house, or simply getting advice was more difficult for me than for other children who were able to speak to their parents.


I always dreamed that, someday, we would be able to truly hear each other.


It was this sense of ‘It Can Be’ that inspired me to start inventing a glove that would turn South African Sign Language into all our official spoken languages.


I’m Lucky Netshidzati, an inventor working to bring this dream to life.


Standard Bank – It Can Be.

POWA's The Untold Story

script writing:

the brief 

During my BA Degree, our copywriting class was tasked with writing a radio ad that communicated a message we really cared about, for a brand we believed in. We were also encouraged to play with POVs and twisted narratives during this task. 

the solution

While never recorded, this script idea showcases the realities of domestic violence and aims to give a voice to the stories we don't hear from victims.



MVO1: I came home from work and she was in the kitchen, washing the dishes.


FVO1: He came home from work and I was in the kitchen, washing the dishes.


MVO1: I came up behind her, wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her neck.


FVO1: He came up behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck.


MVO1: Then, in the corner of my eye, I noticed that one of the saucers sitting in the drying rack were chipped. My grandmother gave us that set as a wedding gift.


FVO1: He stiffened as he noticed that one of the saucers sitting in the drying rack were chipped. I knew he would.


MVO1: I asked what happened. She said she was sorry.


FVO1: I told him what happened. I said I was sorry.


MVO1: I told her it was okay.


FVO1: I knew it wasn’t okay.


MVO1: I stroked her hair and told her I wanted to kiss her.


FVO1: He pulled my hair and told me he was going to kill me.


MVO1: And then I hugged her.


FVO1: And then he hit me.

END VO: Victims have a story that often isn’t told. Help us to give domestic violence victims a voice.

Standard Bank Top Women Manifesto

script writing:

the brief 

Standard Bank annually sponsors the Top Women Conference to show its alliance with women in the workplace. They needed a manifesto video to communicate this brand promise..

the solution

This manifesto video used found footage and powerful script to communicate how Standard Bank hopes to change the world for women by creating a space where thoughts, tips, knowledge, skills and leadership tactics can be shared by women across various industries. 


Creative director: Stephanie Senatore

What does it take to create change?

Real change.

Change that lasts a lifetime,

That stands the test of time,

That becomes the new norm.

How do we make a change for her?

Change that uplifts,

Change that empowers,

Change that transcends.

How do we change the game, the room, the language

So that she may feel brave enough to speak her mind?

So that she may know her power,

And have the freedom and the platform to use it?

How do we change the world for women?

We believe it all starts with brave conversations.


Top Women Conference 2021.

Brought to you by TopCo Media.

Powered by Standard Bank.

Lexus 'Our Craft is Your Confidence' TVC

script writing:

the brief 

Lexus South Africa asked us to ideate and execute an ATL campaign that would hero their 7-year extended warranty and maintenance plan - a superior benefit compared to the warranty plans of their competitors.

the solution

The primary purpose of this commercial was to prove that the reason why Lexus is confident enough to offer a 7-year warranty period is because they know the immense level of craft and expertise that goes into creating their vehicles.


Creative directors: Adam Weber & Dan Parmenter 

Art director: Jarryd Varathaiah

What do you consider amazing?


At Lexus, we believe it's the confidence that comes from craftsmanship.

Confidence in a vehicle meticulously designed and innovated at the hands of Takumi masters,

who have trained for over 60 000 hours.

We know exactly what you can expect from your Lexus,

because we know exactly what went into it.

That's why we back our vehicles with a 7-year/105 000km warranty and maintenance plan.

Because our craft is your confidence.

Now, isn't that amazing?


Lexus. Experience Amazing.

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