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hi, i'm bops.

My real name is Amy Grace, but Bops is a family name that stuck ever since I was a baby.


Born and raised in the sleepy coastal town of Durban, South Africa, I studied a three-year BA degree in Creative Brand Communications, majoring in copywriting. After graduating top of my class, I relocated to Johannesburg, the fast-paced business hub of the country to pursue my first agency job. 

In April 2022, I secured the position of Creative Copywriter at Publicis Groupe Hungary (Saatchi & Saatchi) and made the long trip to Budapest. I now call this historic, vibrant, architectural marvel my home city.


While many things have changed over the years, one thing never has: I live to write, and my quest to find the right words is all-consuming and eternally fulfilling. 

I believe words have the power to alter perceptions, inspire lasting change, and bring previously unseen realities to life. My work covers all forms of writing from rhythmic poetry, to eloquent long-from copy, to engaging social media, to punchy one-liners - and I love all of it. As long as I'm writing, I am happy.


It's really that simple.

Brandon Govender 

Creative Director, FCB Durban
Amy demonstrated a willingness and competence that will stand her in good stead, allied to an exceptional level of craft and thought which is rare from a student. Her professionalism and exemplary conduct also did not go unnoticed. 

Roxy Schoon

Graphic Artist, Mr Price Group
Amy Grace is an intelligent, witty and incredibly talented writer. I could always count on her to create beautiful copy or poetry and deliver it in less time than expected at high quality. She is hard-working, devoted, committed, passionate and in love with her craft. 

Justine Clyde

Freelance Graphic Designer 
Amy is determined, ambitious and resilient. Writing flows naturally out of her, always quicker than you expect. Her ability to articulate human truths into beautiful lines of copy makes her a complete asset. Amy is confident in who she is and an avid supporter of personal growth.
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